To start, the raw footage was imported from the Puss in Boots movie into Premiere Pro. Then, we began to cut and trim the clips to create a cohesive storyline that would highlight why Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is so good.   After creating a rough cut of the video, we began to add effects and transitions using After Effects. We used the software to add special effects to certain scenes, such as explosions or magical spells. Also used After Effects to create custom transitions between scenes, adding extra visual interest to the video.   In addition to the effects and transitions, we used Premiere Pro to add sound effects, music, and dialogue to the video. we made sure to adjust the audio levels and balance to ensure that everything was easy to hear and understand.   Finally, the video was exported from Premiere Pro, making sure to use a high-quality video format and resolution to ensure that the final product looked and sounded great. Overall, we put a lot of time and effort into the video production process to make sure that the final result was a high-quality, engaging video. Which is what we do when we handle every single project.


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Client: Ck Media Creative Agency

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